Equal Opportunity Policy

The Mauritius Ports Authority has maintained a long-standing commitment to equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment. Section 9 of the Equal Opportunities Act 2008 provides that every employer needs to draw up and apply an Equal Opportunity Policy at its place of work with a view to minimizing the risks of discrimination and promoting recruitment, training, selection and employment on the basis of merit. The principal aims of an Equal Opportunity Policy Statement are to ensure the following:-

(a)              no job applicant or worker receives less favourable treatment than another, on the basis of his or her status, that is, age, caste, colour, creed, ethnic origin, impairment, marital status, place of origin, political opinion, race, sex or sexual orientation;

(b)              no job applicant or worker is placed at a disadvantage by requirements, provisions, criteria, conditions or practices, unless they can be justified as a necessary and appropriate means of achieving a legitimate aim; and

(c)               workers are given training and encouragement to take equal advantage of opportunities in the organisation, irrespective of their status.

In view of our commitment to the principle of equality and to be in line with the legal requirements, an Equal Opportunity Policy Statement as approved by the MPA Board has been implemented since July 2013 covering all aspects of employment including recruitment, terms and conditions of work, training and development, promotion, performance, grievance, discipline, treatment of workers and termination of employment.


This Policy Statement enables the Authority to reduce the risks of grievances, damage to productivity, staff morale and the organisation’s reputation as well as foster good relations in the work place.