Billing/Exchange Rates

1. The above exchange rates (rounded to three decimal places) are the ones used by the Mauritius Revenue Authority, Customs & Excise Department for the purpose of levying ad valorem duty.

2. MPA is providing the above info with a view to helping Shipping Agents estimate their Port Fees under Port (Fees) Regulation 2008.

3. MPA cannot be held liable in the computation of the above estimates.
Currency Rate From To
USD 39.928 21-Sep-2020 27-Sep-2020
USD   14-Sep-2020 20-Sep-2020
USD 39.843 07-Sep-2020 13-Sep-2020
USD 40.001 31-Aug-2020 06-Sep-2020
USD 39.904 24-Aug-2020 30-Aug-2020
USD 40.022 17-Aug-2020 23-Aug-2020
USD 40.108 10-Aug-2020 16-Aug-2020
USD 40.133 03-Aug-2020 09-Aug-2020
USD 40.490 27-Jul-2020 02-Aug-2020
USD 40.270 20-Jul-2020 26-Jul-2020
USD 40.204 13-Jul-2020 19-Jul-2020
USD 40.457 06-Jul-2020 12-Jul-2020
USD 40.307 29-Jun-2020 05-Jul-2020
USD 40.200 22-Jun-2020 28-Jun-2020
USD 40.142 15-Jun-2020 21-Jun-2020
USD 40.293 08-Jun-2020 14-Jun-2020
USD 40.395 01-Jun-2020 07-Jun-2020
USD 40.406 25-May-2020 31-May-2020
USD 40.533 18-May-2020 24-May-2020
USD 40.466 11-May-2020 17-May-2020
USD 40.486 04-May-2020 10-May-2020
USD 40.334 27-Apr-2020 03-May-2020
USD 39.959 20-Apr-2020 26-Apr-2020
USD 40.111 13-Apr-2020 19-Apr-2020
USD 39.708 06-Apr-2020 12-Apr-2020
USD   30-Mar-2020 05-Apr-2020
USD   23-Mar-2020 29-Mar-2020
USD 37.446 16-Mar-2020 22-Mar-2020
USD 37.366 09-Mar-2020 15-Mar-2020
USD 37.745 02-Mar-2020 08-Mar-2020
USD 37.521 24-Feb-2020 01-Mar-2020
USD 37.274 17-Feb-2020 23-Feb-2020
USD 36.954 10-Feb-2020 16-Feb-2020
USD 36.946 03-Feb-2020 09-Feb-2020
USD 36.773 27-Jan-2020 02-Feb-2020
USD 36.613 20-Jan-2020 26-Jan-2020
USD 36.555 13-Jan-2020 19-Jan-2020
USD 36.655 06-Jan-2020 12-Jan-2020
USD 36.753 30-Dec-2019 05-Jan-2020