Other Facilities


Bulk cement is unloaded by a pneumatic unloader and by pipeline at Quays No. 2 & 3 at an hourly rate of 450 tonnes. There are two reception, storage & bagging plants, of a total storage capacity of 95,500 tonnes, located close to the quays, namely Holcim ( Mauritius) Ltd. and Lafarge ( Mauritius) Cement Ltd


A mobile pneumatic ship unloader is used to discharge bulk wheat at Quay D. The wheat is then transferred by conveyors to the adjoining storage silos, of a total capacity of 40,000 tonnes, to be processed by Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltée.

Fertilizers and Other Products

The Mauritius Chemical and Fertilizer Industry Ltd and Island Fertilizer Ltd. are two private companies in charge of the import, blending and distribution of fertilizers.

Storage facilities for 4,600 tonnes of tallow and 1,000 tonnes of caustic soda are also available at Terminal II.

Ship Repairs

Established in Mauritius in 1857, Taylor Smith & Co. Ltd is the pioneer company in ship repairs. It has two dry docks which can accommodate vessels of up to 100 metres long together with a slipway of 30 metres long, at Terminal I.

Chantier Naval de l’Océan Indien Ltée is another privately owned company involved in ship construction and repairs. Its dry dock facility is 146 metres long and 27 metres wide with a dredged depth of 7.0 metres located at Terminal ll.