Quality Policy and Scope

The Environmental Management System applies to the Port Louis Port Area, where activities of the Mauritius Ports Authority are carried out.

Our mission is to stimulate economic growth by transforming our port into a dynamic logistics hub whilst providing sustainable and competitive integrated services. We aim to become the leading
Authority driving Mauritius as a preferred regional Maritime Gateway.

Our organization shall demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to statutory, legal, customer and the relevant ISO Standards requirements including those pertaining to identified environmental aspects.

We recognize our responsibility for environmental protection and ensuring sustainable port development whilst at the same time offering quality services to our valued customers through our
quality and environmental management systems.

We shall continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality and Environmental Management systems by reviewing our objectives and targets and by adopting a risk-based approach for all our processes and

To support our endeavor to satisfy our customers and commit ourselves to adopt quality and environmental best practices we will ensure:

  • Regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback with a view of improving our services and maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Training and development of our employees to foster a quality culture, environmental awareness and sense of responsibility within the organization.
  • Preservation of the local marine eco-system, biodiversity and sensitive habitats by adopting a balanced strategy between port development and environmental protection.
  • Our Environmental and Quality objectives are targeted to improve the environmental management performance and customer service standard of the port.
  • Pollution prevention and emergency preparedness measures are in place to deal with emergency situations arising from port operations such as bunkering, oil spills, contamination of marine ecosystems, handling of dangerous cargoes, dust emissions and noise.
  • Reduction of waste through responsible use of resources and as far as practicable favour the reuse, recycling and purchase of materials from sustainable sources.
  • Promotion of the efficient use of resources such as water, electricity, raw materials, fuel consumption and those that are renewable in an effort to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Communication of our stewardship in Quality and Environment to our customers, port stakeholders and the public and encourage them to support it