MPA Management Team


Acting Director General

Kavidev NEWOOR Acting Port Master
Bhavna Karishma GOKHOOL Manager, Legal Services
Oomadevi Rajagopall Manager, Administrative Services
Lawtee RUGBUR Manager, Audit & Investigation
Maleena JANKEE-BHURTUN Manager, Compliance and Risk Management
Ravishankar WOOTTUM Director, IT Services
Shreeganesh GANGA Director, Finance
Pritty KEESONAH Manager, Management Accounting
Adesh Sharma SOYJAUDAH Manager, Financial Accounting & Treasury Management
Sandesh K SEELOCHUN Director, Port Development
Niraj TACOURI Manager, Port Development
Sanjeev BUNDHUN Manager, Port Development
Prameshwary GUNGARAM Manager, Human Resources Services and Employee Relations

Maheswarnath MOHABEER

Manager, Safety and Health
Nomita Devi SEEBALUCK Ag. Director Port Operations
Capt. Imran DOWLUT Assistant Port Master
Vyas RUGHOONAUTH Manager, Administrative Services
Priyathama SEEBARUTH Senior Manager, Procurement & Supply
Bholanath DHUNNOO Senior Manager, Technical Services
Gowraj ANGAD Senior Manager, Estate Management & Licensing
Bussunth Kumar RUGHOOPUTH Manager, Port Safety & Environment
Soodesh RAMPHUL Senior Manager, Port Security
Bissoondyal RAMRUKHEEA Manager, Port Emergency Services