Security Policy

The Mauritius Ports Authority is responsible for the security and protection of port infrastructure and assets, and the provision of risk-based security services. In response to the risk of terrorism, the MPA has interpreted the International Ship and Port Facility and Security (ISPS) Code to:

·         ensure compliance with all relevant security legislations;

·         maintain a Security Committee, which meets frequently to review and update critical procedures and instructions with respect to its people and operations in emergency circumstances;

·         ensure management responsibility and accountability for security;

·         audit and review its security system and performance periodically;

·         consider the security aspects of all new projects;

·         provide and maintain a secure environment for employees, guests and visitors; and

·         continually improve the performance of its security management system.

In this regard, the port waters and the land area under the control of the Authority are now being closely and constantly scrutinised by trained Police and MPA officers operating from a centralized surveillance control room on a 24/7 basis.

In addition to the MPA's port security plan, other port facilities and port service providers need to have their security plans,  outlining the measures and procedures undertaken to protect vessels that trade in the port waters and the port infrastructure that services those vessels, certified by the MPA. 

In the pursuit of its mandate for the enhancement of port security, the Mauritius Ports Authority aligns itself to the requirements of the National Maritime and Harbour Security Committee for the implementation of security systems policies and procedures at Port Louis Harbour and Port Mathurin.