Terms and Conditions Hot Work

I confirm that:

  1. My employee and those of my subcontractors are fully aware of the risks involved of the precautions to be taken before, during and after hot works. They are properly trained to carry out such works in a safe manner so as to cause no damage to life and property.
  2. I hold myself accountable in respect of any damage to port installations, services, life, property and the environment resulting from my activities and shall be bound by national law relating to such activities.
  3. No material shall be dumped but shall be safely disposed at an approved waste disposal site.
  4. A request for inspection 2 hours before commencement and immediately upon completion of works shall be made to the Fire Station Control Room. (Tel 240-3741).
  5. Fire Station Control Room (Tel: 240 3741) will be informed on a daily basis of the starting time of hot works as well as completion time on effective completion for the day.
  6. The accompanying "HOT WORK PERMIT" shall be filled, signed and shall remain on site during the period of validity of the permit.
  7. On completion of works the accompanying "HOT WORK PERMIT" shall be signed and a copy remitted to the Attending Fire Brigade Officer.
  8. Access to the Company shall be granted to representatives of the Authority for inspection purposes and their instructions followed without prejudice to the authority.
  9. If any of the conditions mentioned or as set out in the accompanying "HOT WORK PERMIT" change, hot woks shall immediately cease. Fire Station Control Room shall be advised or a fresh application made.
  10. I have read, understood and agreed with all conditions mentioned above and as set out in the "HOT WORK PERMIT". I agree to pay fees amounting to 500.00 MUR.