Terms and Conditions Access Pass


1. All persons entering the port premises must unconditionally abide by all port rules and regulations in force (same may be consulted at the different check points).

2. The authority reserves the right to renew, to reject or to replace any application for annual pass without assigning any reason.

3. MPA may modify the terms and conditions of the pass at any time in such manner as MPA may decide and such changes may be notified to the pass holder personally or by any other means or manner as MPA may deem fit.

4. Passes will be issued to port users upon production of their identity cards. All new applicants should produce a morality certificate for clearance purposes. Foreign applicants to also submit Occupation/Residence permit.

5. The access pass should always be worn and displayed conspicuously for easy identification by police or MPA officer.

6. The pass holder must indemnify MPA against all losses, claims, demands, action proceedings, costs or expenses or other liability whatsoever arising under any law in respect of any damage to any part of the MPA premises, or personal injury to or the death of any person whomsoever in consequence of or resulting from any breach of MPA rules, regulations or directions and breach of the terms and
conditions of the pass.

7. Annual passes if approved will be issued approximately 10 days after receipt of duly filled in application forms.

8. The fee for the issue of an access pass valid for one year is Rs 200 including for a vehicle below 3 tonnes and Rs 500 will be claimed for a vehicle above 3 tonnes.