Port Security

Mauritius is a signatory to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention. The International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code was made mandatory to ships of more than 500 GT. Contracting Governments which adhere to the IMO have been complying with the ISPS Code since July 2004.  This applies, of course, to Mauritius. There is a need for continuous vigilance and review of the security systems, organisational structure for the provision of security personnel, risk assessment studies and training.  The Ports Act provides for the necessity of enforcing security in the Port Area and the Port Master is provided with certain powers to take appropriate actions on security matters.  Other relevant national legislation includes the Police Act (1974), Prevention of Terrorism Act (2002) and the Merchant Shipping Regulations (2004).

The Port has been declared as a Restricted Area by virtue of powers conferred on the Police Commissioner by the Police Act of 1974.  Earlier the Mauritius Police Force was solely responsible for port security both inland and at sea.  The MPA has its own port security unit which is ISPS compliant.

The port area is secured by a perimeter fencing system and there is access control at various gate posts. The port also has a CCTV control system (103 cameras), covering the perimeter, the harbour and other sensitive areas around the clock.

Security officers work round the clock at the various facilities.

Access passes are issued at the Central Pass Office.