Green Port Initiatives

Green Port Concept

The Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) recognizes the need to conduct port activities in a sustainable and climate friendly manner.  In this new era of climate change the adoption of a low-carbon and environment friendly development strategy has become an inevitable trend and necessity for future ports. 

In this context the MPA has embarked in the implementation of the Green Port Concept with the objective to reduce the negative impacts of port activities on the environment.  A high level Green Port Committee has been set up to spearhead the Green Port Initiative.  In the process of practical implementation of the Green Port Concept the MPA has implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System that has identified the significant environmental aspects, defined the energy and environmental targets to be met, monitor performance and ensures that best environmental management practices are in place.  Furthermore, The MPA has initiated visible actions towards waste management and resource conservation such as by recycling all its E-waste including batteries, used oil,  composting its green waste, promoting sustainable use of paper and setting up a rain water harvesting system.  Air and water quality and biodiversity conservation in the port are also major aspects that are being monitored. 

Port stakeholders have also joined hands with the MPA in a spirit of collaboration for the Green Port Initiative and have concretely shown their commitment for a better and more sustainable port environment through the signing of a Port Environment Charter.

The overall rationale of this project is linked to the very high dependence of Mauritius on imported fossil fuels, coupled with the high volatility and increasing cost of fuel prices, making energy security of strategic importance for the island. It also builds on the drive to do business in a carbon-constrained world, primarily due to the impacts of climate change and climate variability, which has led Mauritius to embark on initiatives that seek to put the country on a sustainable development path.