Port Bunker opportunities

The MPA has extended its port limits and offering attractive incentives for bunkering activities. Following the construction and commissioning of new tankage facilities within the port area, the storage capacity of Class B products  will increase to some 180,000 tonnes. Moreover, the Authority has earmarked  4 Ha  of land at Fort George for construction of additional tank farm for class A product. 

Short Term

Offshore bunkering activities.

The objective is the position Port Louis Harbour as a Bunkering Port.

Medium Term

Onshore  facilities for bunkering activities.

In the medium Term, operators would be allowed to construct storage facilities ashore to further develop the bunkering business and  strengthen the position  of Port Louis as a bunkering  port.

Long Term

In the long Term, additional tankage facilities may be constructed by private promoters to position Port Louis as a Petroleum Hub.