Container Transshipment

The MPA and the port operator, CHCL, will be implementing several measures to increase container transshipment. 

These include the extension of quay, procurement of additional equipment and expansion of backup facilities in order to attain the ocean economy target of a container transshipment throughput of 485,000 TEUs by 2020 and 745,000 TEUs by 2025.

Short Term:

With a view to accommodate larger container vessels and increasing container traffic,

MPA is proceeding with the extension of MCT berth by 240m, strengthening of existing 560m quay and deepening of navigational channel to 16.5m in progress.

The Terminal capacity will be increased from 550,000 to 750,000 TEUs.

Medium Term:

In the light of growth in transshipment container traffic, the MCT berth will be extended by a further 160m to accommodate a mix of three vessels of different size and also to increase the terminal berth capacity to 950,000 TEUs.

By 2020, container traffic is expected to attain 800,000 TEUs.

Long Term:

By 2025, the container traffic is forecasted exceed 1 million TEUs which would justify the Development of the Island Container Terminal.

MPA is proceeding with a Techno- Economic study of the proposed Island Terminal Project. The study is being financed wholly through a grant from the African Development Bank.