Meeting between PAIOI and PMAESA

On 17 September 2018, Mr. Ramalingum Maistry, President of the Ports Association of the Indian Ocean Islands (PAIOI) and Chairman of the Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) met with Colonel Andre Didace Ciseau, the Ag Secretary-General of the Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa (PMAESA) to engage into bilateral discussions on matters pertaining to the running of the two Associations and exchanging valuable information on possible areas of collaboration in view of establishing a strong bond between PAIOI and PMAESA.

Mr. Maistry highlighted the challenges facing the ports of the Indian ocean islands in the global context where the world is experiencing profound and complex changes. It was agreed that there exists a pre-requisite to establish, strong international ties to have a global presence as the world is becoming a small village. It therefore goes without saying that, since both PAIOI and PMAESA share a common vision, it would be inspiring to strengthen the relationship between the Indian Ocean Islands ports and African ports through cooperation, transfer of technology, trade, investment, knowledge sharing, training etc.

Colonel Ciseau commented that as there prevail commonalities between the two Associations, the establishment of cooperation in the field of cruise tourism, pleasure and yachting activities would nurture mutual benefits for the ports of the Indian Ocean Islands and establish a strong trade harmony and understanding between Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Mr Maistry stressed that ports are engine of growth and also a key vector of the economy as they are the bedrock of a country’s economic development. Growth in the port sector not only requires investment in infrastructure but most importantly in human capital. As such, human capital development and adequate capacity development opportunities are critical for the development of our ports. In this regard, the possibilities of a cooperative framework engaging PMAESA, MPA, PAIOI and the University of Mauritius in the fields of training were also evoked to optimise the competencies of port employees by providing them with appropriate skills as per the requirements of the industry.