"Le Port – Dans La Palette De Collégiens" Exhibition

Following Government decision to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius with great pomp, the MPA has planned a series of activities spanning over one year. To continue on with the celebration of this momentous milestone, the MPA is proceeding with the organisation of an arts exhibition – "LE PORT – DANS LA PALETTE DE COLLÉGIENS" on Monday 3 September 2018 at the Municipality Council of Port Louis. The original artworks to be exhibited on the day are all from secondary school students who participated in creative workshops fully sponsored by the MPA in view of encouraging their artistic pursuits and showcasing their talents.

The Exhibition, which is being held in collaboration with the City Council of Port Louis, is among one of the major activities organised by the MPA to mark the golden jubilee of our Independence and is primarily aimed at showcasing the important milestones of the development of the port over the last 50 years.  Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, some 50 students from the State Secondary Schools in the region of Port Louis have participated in a painting competition in the port area.  Under the guidance of Mr. Pierre Argo, a renowned artist, the young students were inspired to illustrate the evolution of Port Louis Harbour artistically through new concepts and techniques of the art world. One of the objectives of the painting competition is to foster stronger links between Port Louis, the harbour and the city, as well as the students.

The key to building a sustainable arts future lies in making young artists a priority in education and all other areas of everyday life. They are the leading choreographers, directors, painters, sculptors and composers of a tomorrow that will come all too soon. They have the power to shape the future and they ought to be encouraged in their artistic pursuits.

The top three winners of this competition are:

1st prize:           Taalvin Krishna COOLEN, Dr. J. B. David S.S.S

2nd prize:          Chelsea CATEAUX, D.A.V. College Port Louis

3rd prize:          Heshna NARWOA, J.M. Frank Richard S.S.S.


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