Island Terminal Project at Port Louis Harbour

In line with the objective of Government to transform Port Louis Harbour from a destination port to a regional hub and to cope with an expected traffic of over one million TEUs per annum in the near future, the MPA has undertaken a feasibility study of the planned development of an Island Terminal on the opposite side of the Mauritius Container Terminal (MCT). 

On the other hand, adverse climatic conditions including wave actions and swell conditions have been affecting container handling operations in the recent years, resulting in downtime at the MCT. With a view to mitigating such wave actions and swell conditions, the MPA will within the scope of the Island Terminal Project construct a breakwater that would create a tranquil basin, thus reducing operational downtime at the MCT.

The feasibility study was carried out to provide an overview of the project from a technical, environmental, social, economic and financial point of view.

The recommended Island Terminal Project comprises the following components:

  • The construction of a 1600m long breakwater to create a tranquil basin in front of the MCT;
  • Dredging of the navigation channel to 18m along a revised alignment;
  • Land reclamation of some 60 ha on the lee side of the breakwater and on the reef using the dredged material;
  • Construction of a link bridge from the northern end of the MCT to the Island Terminal;
  • Quay construction over a length of 1245m;
  • Container stacking yard of an area of about 50ha (capacity of up to 1.8 million TEUs), and
  • Supply and Installation of Container Handling Equipment.

The study has confirmed that the Island Terminal is technically feasible and would decrease the downtime at MCT as well as providing increased container terminal capacity. The reduced downtime would be beneficial to the economy and would accordingly consolidate the position of Port Louis as a regional container transshipment hub. It was also observed that the project will not have significant environmental and social impact.

Accordingly, as recommended by the Consultants, an Information Memorandum to Investors to assess the market response has been issued. In the light of the response, a Transaction Advisor would be appointed to undertake further studies related to the project’s financial and institutional arrangements.