Corrosion Protection to Quay Structures at Port Louis Harbour

Following a thorough survey of the status of the piled foundations, in years 2007-2008, MPA had implemented the first protective measure against corrosion to the existing tubular and sheet piles located on Terminals I, II and Port Mathurin, Rodrigues.

This protective measure consisted of rehabilitation works to the corroded sections of those piles followed by the fixing of high density poly-ethene protective jackets.

So as to further extend the service design life of those existing foundations to the quays, MPA had accordingly retained the services of Messrs Del Seatek (India) Ltd to undertake the necessary corrosion protection works. The contract was awarded in July 2018 for some of USD 1.5 million.

The works had to be carried under water and involved the removal of existing used-up anodes, cleaning of existing surfaces of the piles and sheet piles followed by welding works undertaken by a team of specialised welders to enable the installation of sacrificial aluminium anodes. Some 3000 sacrificial anodes of length varying between 2.5m to 3.6m were fixed to the piles at water depths varying between 4m to 13.5m at Terminals I, II, Trou Farfaron Fishing Port at Port Louis and Port Mathurin, Rodrigues.

The works were successfully completed in June 2019. Upon completion of the works, the service life of the quays has now been extended by some 10 years.

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