Construction of Cruise Terminal Building

The main objective of the MPA is to ensure that passenger handling operations from cruise vessels and inter-island vessels calling at the Port Louis 

be carried out efficiently. Accordingly, MPA has embarked onto the construction of a cruise terminal building project at Les Salines.  In so doing, the Port Louis Harbour would be positioned as being an attractive homeport for the cruise vessels.

Following a procurement bidding exercise through an open advertised international bidding in February 2019, MPA has awarded the construction contract to the joint venture comprising of China Road Bridge Corporation and Phil Alain Didier Co Ltd  for some MUR 770 million. 

Upon completion of the construction works, the cruise terminal building, designed to be an iconic steel structure with a footprint of some 7500 m2, would handle peaks of up to 4000 passengers. The project will also include other facilities such as parking space for vehicles, improved road network and so forth.