Breakwater and Fishing Port at Fort William

The MPA has embarked on a project to construct a breakwater to provide a tranquil basin to shelter ocean going fishing vessels and a safe haven for mooring of the vessels during adverse weather.

The project will also include the construction of a fishing port at Fort William. The facility will comprise a quay wall of about 50m long equipped with the marine furniture (fenders, bollards, navigational aids) and all other facilities which may be required to service the ocean going vessels and their fishing equipment as appropriate. A basin will accordingly be dredged alongside the quay so as to allow safe navigation of the ocean going fishing vessels.

The consultants, Messrs CWP Engineering FZ LLC, have completed the preliminary planning studies and are presently engaged in the detailed design of the preferred development option.

In this respect, a pre-qualification exercise for pre-selection of potential contractors is planned to be completed by mid-2020. Concurrently, Geotechnical Investigations will be undertaken so as to validate all design parameters. The bids for the works is expected to be invited from pre-qualified bidders before end 2020.