Corrosion Protection to Quay Structures at Port Louis Harbour

With the passage of time, it has been noted that the thickness of the tubular piles and sheet piles, being the foundations of the existing quays on Terminals I and II and Trou Fanfaron Fishing Port at Port Louis Harbour and that of Port Mathurin, Rodrigues have been decreasing as a result of corrosion.

With a view to sustaining the integrity of the existing quays foundations and provide adequate protection against further degradation, the MPA has retained the services of Messrs Del Seatek (India) Ltd for undertaking the necessary the corrosion protection works.

The contract, awarded for the approximate sum of USD 1.5 million comprises essentially of supply and installation of some 3000 anodes of length varying between 2.5m to 3.6m. These anodes, being in aluminium type, shall act as a sacrificial metal due to its more reactive characteristic as compared with the existing steel piles and sheet piles. These aluminium anodes, after being fixed on the existing foundations, will therefore corrode faster than the existing steel piles and sheet piles and thus prevent the existing foundations from further deterioration against corrosion. These anodes are now being installed by specialised underwater welder-divers working under water at depths varying between 4m to 13.5 m.  The works are scheduled to be completed around October 2019.