B2B session with delegation from Mauritius

Maritime London and the Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) hosted  a delegation from Mauritius from 4-6 July, following the visit to Mauritius by the Lord Mayor of the City of London earlier in the year.

The foreign delegation consisted of the representatives from:

  • Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA), the landlord and sole national port authority set up to regulate and control the port sector, as well as to provide the main port infrastructure and superstructure, together with related facilities;
  • Port Users’ Council (PUC), consisting of private and public organisations dealing in Port and Maritime Sector set up  to critically examine the adequacy level and competitiveness of port facilities services at Port Louis Harbour.

Background: the MPA has embarked on a series of development projects to modernise port infrastructure and facilities and also add more capacity to meet the fast expanding maritime trade.

Purpose of the visit:
– To sign a four-party Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on July 6th among the MPA, PUC, Maritime London and the Society of Maritime Industries.
– To participate in a B2B session with the UK maritime players prior to the MoU signing aimed at identifying potential areas of cooperation.